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Nursing - Personal Development Reflection is a vital skill in nursing practice because it allows nurses to be able to process al the events that have taken place and the different reactions to them. Patricia Benner came up with a comprehensive model in the description of the benefits of reflection in nursing practice (Jasper 2003).


This means that nurses have to be in possession of more than passable communication skills in order to be able to provide the right care for their patients. In the medical facility in which I served as a student nurse in my first week of placement, there were no permanent doctors. It was up to the nurses to conduct medical procedures such as CPR or shock treatment for cardiac arrest whenever the need arose. The physicians would come in for only three everyday during which they would check on the progress of all patients. There were different wards and there had to be good relationships between the nurses catering for the needs of patients in each ward for work to progress smoothly. The nurses would also update the doctors, when they came, of any important developments in the cases of different patients. The nurses also served as a type of link between the doctors and patients because the patients were more accustomed to them- and thus more comfortable with their ministrations. In this medical facility, nurses were not only responsible for checking the daily progress of patients, but they also ensured that the patients had all their personal needs catered to. ...
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