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Course Project Milestone #1: PICOT& Literature Review Worksheet PICOT Worksheet Your Name: Date: Question 1: The best databases that we can use to perform our search are CINAHL EBSCO, Medicine and Cochrane. Once we access the global link for the libraries, we can choose the advanced search where we can specify the search criteria, whether we opt to do the selection with the author’s name, resource title, assignment name, year of publication, content of the material and the city of publication.


For example, our search key words can include “HIV positive”. In advanced search, we can add extra words outside the topic, such as “incidents of HIV infections in children below 12 years with parents or care givers disclosed to them”. We can then introduce a similar search title but making sure we change the “Disclosed” clause with not “disclosed”, then we can compare between the two results in the comparison statement. Alternatively, we can use another field such as the authors of the sources of information from the databases, the dates of publication, the cities of publication and extended titles of journals. A combination of the extra fields with the title eventually provides us with a clear picture of what is required. ...
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