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LEGISLATORS AND LOBBYISTS Name Professor Course Date Legislators and lobbyists Nursing and healthcare proves to be a vital aspect in the running of a nation in regards to continuity. In fact, experts argue that healthcare should be a basic need since without proper healthcare, life ceases to exist.


Pennsylvania is one of the states where nurses are serving their patients in a new setting, that is, in the state legislature. In assessing nurse staffing effectiveness, the standards require organizations to use data from the use of nursing-sensitive clinical and human resources indicators, such as adverse drug events, patient falls staff turnover rate, use of overtime, patient and family complaints, and staff injuries on the job (Dailey, 2005). It is hence worth noting that the legislature makes many laws that govern the actual day-to-day duties of a nurse, and those laws may affect nursing care in a negative manner. With this in mind, there should therefore be a link between nursing and politics (Dailey 2005). The state of Pennsylvania has played its part in realizing to full effect the importance of nursing and health care. Lobbyists and legislators have highlighted its importance and championed for improvement of the health care systems in place. They have tried to create meaningful consumer access to Advanced Practice Nurses through greater representation as primary care providers in insurance company provider networks. With greater representation, real solutions come about, bringing quality care and appropriate allocation of resources. Nurse legislators can represent the interests of their colleagues in a way that no one else can (Johnston, 2003). ...
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