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Nursing Refresher program Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction The nursing profession has many challenges that cause a nurse to leave the practice. Additionally, a nurse may leave the profession due to other personal reasons such as family matters.


Therefore, there is a recall of nurses to the practice. These nurses have been out of practice for quite some time; hence, they need a refresh of their skills. Local hospitals are opting to re-integrate the nurses back to fill the huge gaps in personnel shortages. Program goal The local hospitals are taking the initiative to facilitate the nurses who have not been practicing to integrate into work. The program thus has the goal of helping the nurses to achieve the professional practice required to work. Secondly, the program design helps the nurses develop the workplace ethical requirements and the competence levels to start working again. Therefore, the program will facilitate effectively, the integration of the nurses into the practice while covering the gap of nurse shortage within the hospital. Objectives The program has objectives that it aims to achieve at the end of the training session. The program aims to ensure that upon completing the whole course of refreshing, the nurse can practice safely and consequently be competent enough to handle and maintain critical care units such as the Intensive Care Unit without challenges. Secondly, the program bases on problem solving methodology of learning. This program is not for new entries into the practice, but rather people who practiced and left for some period. ...
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