Principles and Practice of Leadership and Management in a Learning Disability Context

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Leadership and Management in a Learning Disability Context <Insert Name> <Insert Course Details> <Insert Instructor’s Name> <Insert Date of Submission> Leadership and Management in a Learning Disability Context Introduction Learning disabilities are lifelong conditions which make it necessary for people with disabilities to be helped, and to understand and process new information, attain new skills and be able to independently cope.


It is common for these individuals to have some extra needs in care and communication, and helping them reduce stress and feel comfortable is one of the major responsibilities of their caregivers (Clements 1987). It is normally necessary to have the disabled people live in areas where they have easy access to both medical and psychological care. This is mostly done in institutions or in the context of the community (Turnbull 2004). Consequently, it is the responsibility of those charged with managing institutions that care for these individuals to put in place measures that ensure that these people are awarded the most conducive atmosphere with as little discomfort as possible (Dalby & Knifton, 2012). During my training as a learning disability nurse, I have been to various institutions and have met varying management styles. In analyzing the qualities a manager should possess, I will first review two different institutions and their managers to try and draw out the reason why management is an important factor in the success or failure of these programs. A success story One of my initial placements took me to an institution caring for people who needed psychiatric care. ...
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