Combining Nurse Leader with Advocacy

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Combining Nurse Leader with Advocacy Author Institution Personal and Professional Accountability Personally, I have been in the nursing professional for 18 months where I have growth career wise, though I still experience some challenges here and there. Some of my strengths include the ability to exercise ethical behavior and practice, which are critical requirements in the nursing field to ensure professionals practice nursing scopes of practice and standards.


This enables me to work with any medical organization in any part of America. However, due to the short duration that in the nursing profession, I have not managed to be a member of many professional associations, except in the Nursing Association of America, but am aspiring to be involved more and more in nursing and other professional associations (Manco-Herrman, 2006). Regarding career planning, I can say that I fully understand my role as a nurse, and know the requirements and description of my nursing profession. I understand that my greatest service is to the people, especially among the patients without showing any partiality. I am a goal driven individual, and my dream to become a renowned nurse in the nursing field driven my career. I would wish for a nursing profession where the nurses, particularly starting from me, will be able to deliver services to the customer, not just because they are in the profession, but because it is ethical to do so regardless of the money paid. I believe that this future career path can be achieved through determination and willingness to growth. ...
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