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brain injiury

Stroke- This one refers to the injury that occurs as a result of a vascular event. Traumatic injury- This refers to the damage that takes place when a force from the outside traumatically causes injury to the brain cells. Acquired injury- This is the last form of injury and it refers to one that takes place after birth not considering if it is traumatic or not. It also regardless to whether it has been caused by external or internal cause. Research shows that the number of people who are suffering from brain injury is high because there are those who live with this situation while there are those who sustain new injuries every year (Ayse, 2013, 25). Brain damage usually affects an individual emotionally, physically and behaviorally. Some of the causes of Brain injury include: Falls Bomb blast or a military attack Violence or a wound as a result of a gunshot. Accidents such as those involving motor vehicles Insufficient oxygen in the body Body inflammation There are various ways to know an individual who is suffering from brain damage because there are some behavioral activities shown by them (Bickley, Hogan-Quigley ans Palm, 2012, 38). ...
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Brain injury Institutional Affiliation: Introduction Brain injury refers to a damage that that occurs in the reasoning part of the body an organism which is the brain. Brain injury is usually classified basing on dimensions. There is the primary and the secondary injury which is the way of classifying the processes that take place in this type of injury…
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