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Reaesrch Analysis

This was necessary in order to ascertain the accuracy of data and help in statistical analysis. On the part of Kramer, et al. (2008), they adopted randomized or true experiment research design in their study. It had a double blinded trial with placebo controlled comparison between children aged below six years using acetaminophen and ibuprofen. In these two groups, the two medications were alternated with placebo in order to check whether there was a 0.6o C difference between the groups. The rationale for designing this study in this way was so as to check temperature differences between the two groups under study. As such, it was proper because they were checking on the efficacy of these two antipyretic drugs. Link between the Research purpose/question and Design There is a definite link between the research question and design in the study carried out by Britz, J. A., & Dunn, K. S. (2010). The aim of this study was to check on quality of life of patients with heart failure in relation to deficits that occasionally arise from healthcare provision. According to Newell & Burnard (2006), data that is used in any scientific study should be collected or based on parameters that are a reflection of the desired outcome. In this regard, the data was collected from three different sources which touched on quality of life. ...
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Research Analysis Student: Course: Date: Professor: Research Design Britz, J. A., & Dunn, K. S. (2010) article utilizes quasi-experimental research design in which it tries to find if there is a statistically significant connection between indicators of quality life and deficits emanating from heart failure patients…
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