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Website review: education Name Professor Institution Course Date Abstract The use of the internet for health information is rising. This calls for a review of the various websites offering information on health matters to ensure correctness of information for consumers.


Layout appeal The layout appeal in the website is not only appealing but also eye-catching, and eye friendly. Browsing through the website is easy. The design is good because the margins and the spaces on it make it easier to read the information on the website. The stock of pictures and photos are appropriate for this website, for instance the picture of a pregnant boy creates an image on the brain thus leading to a strong urge to grasp the whole story. It leads to someone clicking on the pregnant boy’s image and by doing so; the facts list themselves systematically. The suspense created by the website mainly enables the author to communicate his main ideas, which are educating the public especially the teenagers on different methods of unwanted pregnancy prevention and sexual transmission infection control. This website considerably catches the attention of a reader. In addition, the font of the text has a readable contrast (Roberts, 2010). Content and quality The access of this website is open with no limitations whatsoever making the subject accessible worldwide by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. The website contains non-sensitive information viewed worldwide. The information, or the content is for general public use, and it is information of general interest. The website and its contents having published on the internet for some years now prove that the content is good and authorized for public release. ...
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