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Aggression in the healthcare workplace Name Course Instructor Date Introduction Due to the emotional take that is inevitable within healthcare particularly nursing, it is important that the environment is conducive and encouraging to the workers. Moreover, healthcare is characterized by hierarchy which implies that students will be vulnerable to various forms of bullying while undertaking clinical placements.


This leaves students and lower level employees prone to bullying tactics such as being used as personal slaves by physicians or senior nurses ridicule and humiliate students in front of their colleagues and patients as well. Such bullying tactics differ with extremity depending on the organizational setup. There is a need for a moral agent within healthcare, among nurses since if this role is not fulfilled some of the detrimental effects include deflating of self-esteem which may disrupt their pursuit of the profession, low morale leading to employee turnover, absenteeism and low productivity affecting performance; all of which directly influence the success of the organization. Worse still, in some cases, the organization may end up incurring litigation fees, making out early retirement payouts, counseling fees for workers and compensation of workers. Therefore, it is apparent that individuals practicing nursing should take up the challenge of being the moral agent. Where they stand up and defend people being bullied, or if the one facing the bullying taking a firm stand regardless of the alienating position it leaves one in. ...
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