A patient requiring mechanical ventilation

A patient requiring mechanical ventilation Essay example
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This case study is for a 38 year old female patient, by name Rita (name changed to protect identity), who developed ARDS, from sepsis and required treatment on a mechanical ventilator and ECMO.


She was hospitalised for 4 weeks and needed the tracheostomy tube to be in place for 9-weeks following discharge. In general it is found that collaborations between the intensive care nurse and the intensive care specialist is vital for evaluating and managing the patient and to ensure that the outcomes are fruitful. In general, the mortalities for ARDS are high (40 to 50%), mainly due to the ineffective traditional methods of managing such patients that have been utilised in the past. However, with use of several evidence-based protocols, the outcomes can be improved. Some of the measures that were provided to Rita included include mechanical ventilation, tracheostomy, prone positioning (HOB elevation), antibiotic administration (as she had sepsis), ECMO (due to sudden drop in the partial pressure of oxygen), sedation protocols, supportive therapy, RBC packed cell and platelet transfusion and a conservative fluid strategy. Rita developed renal complications and aspiration pneumonia, which were effectively managed. A careful nursing plan requires to be chalked out to cater to the individual needs of the patient. Ideal treatment would ensure speedy recovery and early resumption of normal activities by the patient. ...
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