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The compromise may be in the form of disruption in the performance of duties or personal relationships, or at times may lead to the change of personality of a person. Compassion fatigue exhibits itself in a number of ways through evident signs and symptoms. The most visible sign that a person is suffering from compassion fatigue is the fact that the person is tense and preoccupied with the individual in need of care and his/her disease. Signs that a person is suffering from compassion fatigue may include avoiding or the numbing of the feelings of the caregiver or avoiding certain thoughts or situations of the patient. The caregiver may suffer lapses of memories and may also show a consistent character of being tired despite sleeping for adequate number of hours or, conversely, suffer from insomnia. The caregiver may also start to absent him/herself from work, and other signs may include emotional depletion due to too much caring for the sick and loss of interest in activities that were enjoyed previously. The caregiver also loses self-esteem, is susceptible to anger, depression and irritability and may find it difficult to find happiness or hope. ...
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Compassion Fatigue Tutor University Date Compassion Fatigue Introduction Compassion fatigue in the healthcare context happens when healthcare caregivers or the professionals begin to feel the pain and suffering for the patients they care for. This occurs in the sense that they begin to lose their inherent nature of self to the people whom they help, offering more help and compassion than they themselves get back in order for them to feel that their work is appreciated or validated…
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