Depression as a mental health condition

Depression as a mental health condition Essay example
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Mental disorders are caused by a myriad of reasons; some that can be avoided while others cannot be controlled in any way. As a result, people get affected by these conditions, which influence the mental well-being and mental capabilities of the people suffering from this condition.


Effects are in the form of creating mental illusions of feelings, emotions and various perceptions. Other causes of depression are biological with regard to genetics and hereditary condition passed on through family lines. In addition, psychological reasons can be the cause of mental disorders in the form of depression where a patient is faced with substantial amounts of pressure and no way to let it out (Gotlib and Hammen 2010, p.368). In such cases, mental disorders arise because the person cannot overcome any of the problems he or she faces. This paper seeks to explore various aspects of depression such as epidemiology, effects on the society, treatment, as well as policies on intervention measures. Severe desperation, downcast with feelings of loss and meagreness are crucial in defining depression as a mental disturbance, depression is a common occurrence in almost all people since it is a normal response to many of difficulties in life. As such, depression is regarded as abnormal when it exceeds the magnitude of the trigger event and extends beyond the recovery point. Among the situations that most often precipitate depression are failures at school or work, loss of a loved one, illness, old age among others (Winster 2011, p.18). ...
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