Thesis statement: People have the right to speed up their death by refusing medical treatment.

Thesis statement: People have the right to speed up their death by refusing medical treatment. Research Paper example
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For the Terminally Ill Speeding Up Death By Refusing Medical Treatment Is More Dignified Than Being Treated Student Name Date Professor's Name Course Outline Thesis: For the terminally ill, speeding death by refusing treatment is more dignified than being treated, therefore it should be accepted by the medical community.


C. Why Doctor's support in Euthanasia is important IV. Conclusion V. Sources Abstract We have a whole generation of older people whose life spans are ever increasing thanks to the miracle of medical science. However, there are times when the increase in life expectancy does not equate to the suffering that the patients, sometimes terminally ill may be required to endure. That is why it is important for terminally ill patients to have the right to refuse medical treatment. Various medical organizations, supreme court precedents, state laws, and other evidences from authoritative figures will be presented in this paper in order to provide support to the claim that terminally ill patients must have the right to refuse medical treatment in in order to give them a more respectable end of life scenario. The Medical Community Should Support the Patient's Right to Speed Up Death We live in a world where the far medically advanced sources of life extension comes at a great cost to the patient. In most instances, medical care for the terminally ill becomes very prohibitive in cost, thus making the choice of prolonging the life of the person something that is no longer financially sound. In some instances, the terminally ill patient is just that, terminally ill. Beyond the help of medical science as man knows it to be. ...
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