Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services/Outline First Draft

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Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services/Outline First Draft Name Institution Date Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services/Outline First Draft Introduction Health care facilities are instated for the ostensible reason of offering quality healthcare to the people that need these services.


This has led to reaction from the concerned parties in ensuring the health sector is offering the highly savored services to the public that needs these services. Apparently, the health sector has to ensure the public is getting high quality services irrespective of the conditions in the health care sector. The people that need these services are directly affected when the health sector is not up to their task (Thorpe and Cascio, 2013). Therefore, it is in the best interests of the health care sector to guarantee it has contained all its challenges and setbacks in ensuring the public is getting the much needed services without delay. Problem Definition The stagnating problem in the health care sector is provision of high quality services that are affordable by all the people in the region. According to the recent statistics, many people find it hard to afford the health care services and in most cases, they have to struggle in acquiring such services (Elliott, 2012). They have constrained budgets and have to minimize these budgets to continue living. As such, some people find it a prudent idea to forego healthcare services as they find these resources useful in other needy situations. This is a repulsive problem in many populations that find health care services expensive (Shortell, Casalino and Fisher, 2010). ...
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