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Research Paper example - Are the cooling processes immediately after resuscitation beneficial in the pre-hospital settings?

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Research Paper
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Authors of the study have observed ventricular fibrillation as the major cause behind sudden cardiac deaths. From the present literature, authors have noted that if defibrillation is performed immediately after ventricular fibrillation victims of sudden cardiac death may survive with intact neurologic function…

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Are the cooling processes immediately after resuscitation beneficial in the pre-hospital settings?

As the research aims to study the success of the cooling process after resuscitation in the pre-hospital settings; thus, researchers have evaluated that hypothermia is induced in pre-hospital setting to deal with the comatose cardiac arrest patients. It has been found that many researches evidenced favorable results concerning induction of hypothermia after cardiac arrest to initiate and effectively practice the efficient method; it promotes the best neurological outcome at discharge suggested by professionals.

Authors of the study have included experiences and viewpoints of the participants (population) who had comparable baseline characteristics. Also, to deeply study the experience of the population authors had intended to explore if the body temperature decreases before the arrival of cardiac patient at the hospital; how it will impact the treatment procedure. So, they have explored that a decrease in patient's body temperature is positively effectively, safe and feasible for the health practitioners and also the cardiac arrest patient feel encouraging difference in his/her health condition. Although, researchers have not intended to include adverse influence of induced hypothermia in the findings, but the meta-analysis reveals underpins that in some cases induced hypothermia can cause negative effects on heart rate, blood pressure, pulse oximetry and chest radiograph. ...
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