Kangaroo Care and Reduced Risk for Preterm Neonates

Kangaroo Care and Reduced Risk for Preterm Neonates Essay example
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This paper will compare and contrast the findings and claims of two research articles, each one makes a unique contribution on Kangaroo Care and skin-to-skin contact between newborn and mother, found to be particularly efficacious in reducing risk of illness and infant mortality among low birth weight and preterm bsbies. …


Kangaroo Care and Reduced Risk for Preterm Neonates

The articles were similar in that both used samples of pretern infants and neither one directly targeted neonatal mortality of preterm infants. But, indirectly, they did. The first study was interested in how Kangaroo Care furthered breastfeeding after discharge from the hospital. This is because breastfeeding significantly reduces risk of illness and infant mortality. It follows logically then, that if Kangaroo Care can encourage longer breastfeeding, then it is a tool in reducing risk for illness and mortality in the preterm baby.
The Norwegian study was interested in boosting the efficacy of Kangaroo care, by using another promising treatment, music therapy. The research assumptions are different in that the first one considered breastfeeding as a key to the reduced risk of preterm infants illness and mortality, while the Norwegian study hypothesized that the supplementation of Kangaroo Care would probably be important, and they collected physiological data which confirmed this.
The findings for the first study were most significant for the very preterm infants, the most vulnerable of the babies. Those mothers who were still breastfeeeding 5 or 6 months after discharge from the hospital were those who had spent the most time doing Kangaroo Care with their baby, in the hospital. Kangaroo Care cayses breastfeeding to happen for a longer time over-all. Breastfeeding lowers the risk of infant mortality and contributes to good health, so these are pretty exciting findings, especially because the findings were strongest for the infants at most risk. ...
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