Which do you feel is more important: nature or nurture?

Which do you feel is more important: nature or nurture? Research Paper example
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Theories on human development had greatly examined the role of nurture or nurture as determinants of human capabilities and behaviors, although recently, some scholars argued that nature and nurture interact in shaping human development (Sameroff, 2010, p.6).


Epigenetic mechanisms pertain to molecular events that manage the way the environment controls the genomes of organisms (Powledge, 2011, p.88). They provide evidence that the environment can affect gene expression, which can be shown from twin studies that provide evidence that even twins can have different lifestyles and abilities (Bergin & Bergin, 2012). Behavioral epigenetics is described as “the study of how signals from the environment trigger molecular biological changes that modify what goes on in brain cells” (Powledge, 2011, p.88). Behavioral epigenetics is one the emerging theories of human development that converge nature and nurture theories of human growth. This paper explores these theories and how they affect human development. It demonstrates that despite the role of genes in affecting behavior, nurture remains a powerful variable in shaping human abilities and behaviors. Nature versus Nurture The history of developmental psychology has swung back and forth between the two schools of proponents who stress that individual behavior is “found either in their irreducible fundamental units or in their irreducible fundamental experiences” (Sameroff, 2010, p.7). The nature-versus-nurture paradigm has not only been a dominant content of developmental studies, but also a context for “deterministic thinking” (Sameroff, 2010, p.7). ...
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