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Ethical Dilemma Name Instructor Institution Abstract Health experts face various ethical dilemmas in their line of duty. Some of the dilemmas are risky discharge, limitations of resources and poor standards of care. This treatise kicks off by analyzing one of the ethical dilemmas that I once faced.


Ethical Dilemma Introduction An ethical dilemma is a state in which nurses make choices between the options and the choices they have at their disposal (Fry, Veatch & Taylor, 2006, pp. 53-54). For that reason, nurses should posses the knowledge and the autonomy necessary in interacting with patients (Davis, Fowler & Arosker, 2010). Timby Kuhn (2008) contends that nurses often face various ethical dilemmas, such as, risky discharge of patients, limitations of resources, and poor standards of care when dealing with patients (Barnitt, 2013, pp.197-198). In that case, this treatise seeks to explain a nursing ethical dilemma that I experienced, persons involved, strategies followed to resolve the problem and ways in which the situation could have been resolved effectively. An Ethical Dilemma When a medical error causes a patient to lose her eyesight, the medical staff ends up being put in a complex situation. In case they publicly admit the mistake, they end up losing the trust of the people as well as their aptitude to practice medicine. However, by failing to admit their mistake, they end up lying and endangering the lives of other patients as well as bleaching their duty of care. In 2010, I accompanied my aunt to Trinidad hospital to get a cataract removed from her right eye. ...
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