Euthanasia/Right to Die

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Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Euthanasia Name Course Professor University Date Introduction According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing, is the act of inducing a gentle and easy death to patients suffering from terminal diseases that cause endless pain and are not manageable.


The ethical issues surrounding this debate are basic moral considerations, that sanctioning euthanasia is equal to a violation of the patients’ right to life, whereas the legal concerns entail the unprecedented challenge of legalizing euthanasia and formulating regulation that govern its execution. This paper presents a critical examination of both the ethical and moral issues related to the current healthcare setting, personal and professional values influencing own stand on euthanasia, and ways of promoting health by reducing the risk in legal and ethical situations. In addition to that, the paper will also utilize current research to plan nursing care through legal and ethical standards of care, and identify the global trends related to legal and ethical considerations in nursing, among other things. Legal and ethical issues related to current health care setting As observed before, the issue of euthanasia has attracted both criticism and praise in equal measure with different views emanating from various quarters of society; questions that have repeatedly been raised in this debate relate to the moral and ethical justification for euthanasia take people’s life. ...
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