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Critique of Published Research Name Course Institution Critique of Published Research Critique of Quantitative Research “The impact of self-management support on the progression of chronic kidney disease—a prospective randomized controlled trial” Protection of Human Rights The study involved 54 participants with twenty seven of them in the group under the self-management services programs.


Moreover, the different groups were well aware of the objectives of the study. In addition, the study minimized risks to the participants because even the non-self-management services programs received the basic management tips that helped them cope with the situation (Hoskins, & Mariano, 2004). The 27 patients under SMS received services that served to delay the progression of the disease, maximizing the benefits (Burns, & Grove, 2005). The study received approval from theethics committee of the Institutional Review Board at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. Research design The researchers settled on a randomized study with two groups consisting of 27 members. The group under SMS received weekly telephone follow ups, with each member having two sessions monthly. The quantitative parameters outlined for the study were the estimated glomerular filtration rate as the primary end point while the secondary end point used were checking for a decrease of up to 50%, end-stage renal disease, demanding renal replacement therapy and all-cause mortality. Comparison of the SMS group and the non-SMS group according to these parameters occurred. ...
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