Application of Roy's Adaption model when caring for a group of women coping with menopause( this is an article, i will be sure t

Application of Roy
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Abstract Roy's Adaptation Model is the method by which was developed by Sister Callista Roy in 1976 is an Adaptation of Nursing Theory that has found itself gaining prominence over the passing of the decades. Using interrelated biological, psychological and social systems, the idea behind the model is to help an individual maintain the delicate balance between all these health aspects.


The review is based upon the case study done by Denise Cunningham, RN, BscN of D'Youville College. Roy's Adaptation Model The peer reviewed article pertaining to Roy's Adaptation Model that we were asked to review for this class was written by Denise A. Cunningham, RN, BscN. At the time that she wrote the article, she was employed at D'Youville College. She wrote the paper based upon the care of a group of women who had to deal with the effects of menopause. As everyone knows, menopause is a normally occurring part of the female life cycle. And yet most women who are advancing in age refuse to discuss or even consider the impact that menopause will have on their lives. Using Roy's Adaptation Model, she presented a case study that had one nurse in particular using the model in treating a group of her advanced age patients who were experiencing life changes due to the onset of menopause. The paper was designed to produce results of the Roy model based upon its on a Canadian group of women. According to the study, Canadian women have a life expectancy rate of reaching at least the age of 81. ...
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