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Evaluation The supervision committee drive that nurses working in different sectors attain PCCN certification forms the basis for needs evaluation. In this regard, there are numerous incentives that are offered to ensure that nurses undertake the training; performing nurses are rewarded with $1000, which is exempted from tax.


After taking the course, certification is necessary to identify qualified nurses, and show their level of competence. This is useful in ensuring efficiency of their services are enhanced, which is beneficial to all stakeholders in the health sector. During the evaluation stage, each nurse is asked questions and the level of competency in answering the questions correctly indicates how knowledgeable s/he is. This process is necessary to identify slow and fast learners and the best method to be used in coaching each group to ensure that their skills are greatly improved. In United States of America, certification is a requirement during the recruitment of various health professionals to ensure that they are in a capacity to meet the need of the patients effectively and in a timely manner. This leads to higher level of confidence on the practitioners, which is very essential in undertaking challenging tasks. Theoretical knowledge background is very useful when undertaking practical activities as it reduces the probability of commission of errors as well as being in a position to make sound judgement when in critical situations. There are different theories that are used to address various situations we encounter, but the choice of the theory to be applied is dependent on its capacity to handle the situation at hand. ...
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