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Leadership and Management in Nursing Name Instructor Course Date Leadership and Management in Nursing Leadership and management must exist at all levels of an organization and industry. Particularly in the health care industry, these two elements must not only exist, but they must be executed effectively.


The health care industry is constantly changing as it adapts to trends in medical practice, changing policies, technology, higher demands for continuous quality improvement and even nursing shortages and turnover. As the United States faces a health care crisis, its biggest challenge is in shortage of nurses and high nurse turnover rates that threaten the quality of health care. In addressing the issue of nursing staff turnover and shortage, do leadership and management matter? It matters that nurses in the health care industry remain interested in their jobs and that the nursing profession stays attractive to students in training. It is the nurse leaders and managers who should manage and influence the nursing practice and its staff; hence, it is they that have the solution to this nursing issue. The inputs of nurse leaders and managers are separated by the roles of these two positions. In a nursing facility, nurse leaders are concerned with larger views of the facility encompassing all departments (Cherie & Gebrekidan, 2005, p. 82). They are concerned with visions, goals, and missions of nursing practice, and not just as they exist, but how they can be improved continuously. ...
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