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Clinical Supervision in Mental Care Student’s name Course/Number Date Instructor’s name Clinical Supervision in Mental Care Clinical supervision refers to an oversight that is provided by senior clinicians to junior members of the same occupation for purposes of improving the standard of care given to patients (Sloan, 2006).


For better treatment outcomes, the positive change should be crafted in model of national professional bodies for care providers (Bryant, 2010). A better governed facility therefore should be one that is motivating to work in, and removes apportionment of blame and has an enlightening environment (Edwards, Cooper, Burnard, Hanningam, Adams, Fothergill, & Coyle, 2005). It should support a learning culture in the sense that people base their learning upon experience; enjoy unlimited access to relevant information; and permits coordination among people from all levels hierarchies and departments of the care facility. Clinical supervision should also be motivational to staff through rewards, and career development opportunities to improve better administration and quality of services. Nonetheless, clinical supervision based on traditional, tested processes threatens new governance strategies and innovations aimed at improving patient care in mental care facilities. This paper critically evaluates the role of clinical supervision as a governance strategy designed to support safe and effective mental health care. ...
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