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Diabetic foot ulcer infection prevention

Various studies have actually aimed to determine whether increased education for diabetic patients on foot care management would actually contribute to decreased diabetic foot ulcers (Gershater, Pilhammar, Apelqvist, & Alm-Roijer, 2011). In this regard, the aim of the current discourse is to present a review of literature on diabetic foot ulcer infection prevention, specifically aiming to answer this question - does increasing the knowledge about diabetic foot care help decrease the incidence of foot ulcer? - through evaluating the findings of six authoritative secondary sources written on the subject. The study written by Lavery, Peters, & Armstrong (2008) has initially identified risk factors: both systemic and local, which increases preponderance for the development of foot ulcers. Specifically, seven variables were noted to be directly associated with the development of foot ulcers, to wit: “neuropathy, callus, deformity, elevated peak pressure, vascular disease, ill-fitting footwear and penetrating trauma” (Lavery, Peters, & Armstrong, 2008, p. 427). ...
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Diabetic Foot Ulcer Infection Prevention: A Review of Literature Name Institutional Affiliation Diabetic Foot Ulcer Infection Prevention: A Review of Literature Diabetic foot ulcers continue to be a pervading health dilemma that predominantly leads to amputation (Lavery, Peters, & Armstrong, 2008; Schaper, Apelqvist, & Bakker, 2012)…
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