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legal homework 3B

Two is the principle of beneficence. This principle aims to engage in numerous beneficial activities as possible. Beneficence holds that health experts should attempt to benefit the sick. Therefore, in this case, it is presumed that the duty of the nurse is prevent any situation which may pose a threat to Judy, for example, not leaving the bathroom door open. Third is the principle of non-maleficence which entails preventing or minimizing harm (Armstrong, 2007). The hospital takes the precaution of checking on Judy after every fifteen minutes. This is aimed at preventing or minimizing harm to Judy. The nurse was not negligent for unlocking the bathroom door and allowing Judy to shower by herself. This is because she established in her expert view it was fitting to unlock the bathroom door so that Judy could take a shower. In a 1996 case involving Busta and the Columbus Hospital Corporation, The Montana Supreme Court upheld the decision and order given by the District Court of the Eighth Judicial District. The court jury established that the negligence of the Columbus Hospital and that of the patient led to the injuries and consequent death of the patient. In this case the nurse was deemed not negligent in the events leading to the death of the patient. ...
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 Legal Homework # 3B Name: Institution: Legal Homework # 3B There are a number of principles of protecting patient safety that are included in this case. One, there is the principle of autonomy. Autonomy entails the respect for a person’s self-determination…
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