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Nursing Principles and Law Student’s name Course/Number Date Instructor’s name 1. What principles of protecting patient safety are involved in this case? This case exposes a number of principles of nursing care related to patient safety, most of which are not followed by the clinicians.


Thirdly, Judy’s isolation, the entry and unannounced exit of the psychiatrist are clear signs of failure to put Judy and her family at the heart of care; fourthly, the psychiatrist and the nurse have violated the principle of communication and co-ordinated care in the treatment of the patient, otherwise the change of guard could have been more seamless to avoid suicide attempts. 2. Was the nurse negligent for unlocking the bathroom door and allowing Judy to shower by herself? The nurse was negligent for unlocking the bathroom and allowing the patient to shower by herself, because technically it was impossible for her to carry out any meaningful grooming due to her mental disorder. Moreover, she had spent many days without taking a bath. 3. Was it below the standard of care the nurse to leave the bathroom door unlocked when the psychiatrist came to see Judy? Leaving the bathroom door unlocked was in order, since the patient’s movements would be monitored by the psychiatrist. And if in any case the nurse’s helping hand was urgently needed, he or she would have accessed the room more easily than when it was locked. 4. ...
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