The topic is listed on the order instructions because it is a scenario

The topic is listed on the order instructions because it is a scenario Essay example
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Legal & Ethical Issues in Nursing Author Institution Principles of Patient Safety Patient safety emphasizes on reporting, prevention and investigation of errors within the medical field that lead to adverse healthcare events. Such errors can be caused by human factors, medical complexity and system failures (Ginny, 2010).


The second principle implies that, under some circumstances, the physicians can rely on implied informed consent of the patient information in order to deliver their services as illustrated when the staff used information from Antonia. The patient disclosed that he wanted to kill himself, and they, therefore, used the information to put him under soft psychiatric restraints pending the admission to the acute care psychiatric unit to prevent harm (Ginny, 2010). The third principle is that paediatricians should bring out the best health outcomes, and should collaborate with other health care teams in creating safe environments for patients as well as prevent the medical errors. We get this from the Antonia’s wife suing the medical staff and the facility for ignoring the health condition of her husband (Ginny, 2010). Defendants Defendants refer to any person/object charged of committing a crime. The defendant must answer the plaintiff in the civil lawsuit before the court, or before the party accused or charged of violating the criminal statute. In the case presented, defendants comprise the staff members and the facility. Staff members could be potentially held liable for failing to provide the direct patient observation. The staff should take charge of one-to-one observation of the patient as outlined in the paediatric principles. ...
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