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Apply the legal parameters and ethical nursing implications of therapy with selected pharmacotherapeutic agents. - Case Study Example

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Apply the legal parameters and ethical nursing implications of therapy with selected pharmacotherapeutic agents.

The drug has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. Up to this point, there should be drug laws and restrictions governing the use of drugs. It is very useful when making ethical decisions to understand the different considerations that are involved with every individual. Importance of Ethical Theory in Nursing Nursing ethics tend to be on the side of caring rather than curing. In nursing theories, everything is focused on virtues that make a good nurse. The theories can be applied by the nurses in different areas to make decisions in health care institutions. These ethical theories are applied between a nurse and a patient. It is the reality that nursing ethics emphasize the day to day ethics practiced other than the moral dilemmas. The nursing ethics help in giving care and support and in the relationship with the patients. This helps the people to make their informed consent on treatment (Lilley, Collins, Harrington & Snyder (2010). Ethical theory helps the nurses develop a respect and dignity for people and their autonomous choices and to practice confidentiality where by information is only shared with permission. Steps in Ethical Decision-Making Model There are eight steps in ethical decision–making model. They are found clearly in American Nurses Association Code of Ethics as a guideline for protecting both nurse and patient. ...
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Pharmacology Name: Institution: Pharmacology Introduction The paper analyzes applied legal parameters and ethical nursing implications of therapy with the selected pharmacotherapeutic agents. As discussed earlier in the class, drugs have been part of the human experience from the beginning…
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