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Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Name Institution Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing 1. What type of legal and ethical responsibilities did the nurses have to this patient? One of the most difficult things for nurses is that everything they do is not always in the best interest of their patients.


They include autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, veracity, confidentiality, justice, and fidelity. Based on the case before us, the nurses had the ethical responsibility of providing safe, compassionate, and competent care to the patient (Storch, Rodney, and Starzomski, 2004). In this regard, it was the responsibility of nurses to ensure that the patient is provided with the necessary treatments and care to ensure his well-being. In fact, the patient also has the right to receive treatment from nurses regardless of their status or situation. Therefore, it was the obligation of the nursing staff to ensure that the right of the patient is protected. The nurses were also under the ethical responsibility to preserve the dignity of the patient. This included the duty of providing the necessary support to ensure the patient’s dignity and integrity is maintained, according to Storch, Rodney, and Starzomski (2004). In the case before us, the patient had the right to be provided with the necessary care such as ensuring his cleanliness and well-being is assured. This includes being cleaned and turned on bed periodically to ensure his dignity is not compromised. The nurses were also under an ethical obligation to promote justice of the patient (American Nurses Association, 2006). ...
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