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NURSING Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Treatment and other clinical processes utilize resources and these resources have implications to the overall costs in the clinic. Moreover, understanding the working of clinical practices entails understanding the outcome of the practices as they are carried out often to address patient needs.


The overall analysis takes into perspective the different clinical practices in effective treatment practices as well as the actual establishment of what the clinical procedures can afford in terms of costs. It therefore follows that clinical practices entails the adoption of various strategies that are intended to address the concern of costs. The promotion of value in heath care leads to realization, of the highest possible returns in healthcare provision practices for each dollar used. Tools to be used in analyzing the outcome of the practices may vary with comparative-effectiveness research studies being instrumental in asserting the costs. Through the method, a comparison of the effectiveness of various clinical practices is carried out alongside each other. Besides the comparison, the research establishes the relative value of medical services, drugs, medical devises in use, diagnostic tests as well as the diagnostic procedures that are adopted for strategic control of costs. The concept of value as used in the clinical services context brings together the costs and the clinical effectiveness. The cost effectiveness analysis is a basic tool that helps analysts evaluates and put the comparisons in perspective (Gluck, nd, 1-2). ...
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