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Community Outreach Program Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Leading development of new service aligned with patient’s needs is an exciting part of clinical practitioners’ roles; however, service development concepts are complex nevertheless this does not prevent me from engaging and initiating new service.


The purpose of the paper is to evaluate community-based library outreach programs using various components that are paired with relevant participatory strategies. Community-based outreach moves libraries as well as nurses beyond the traditional institutional boundaries in order to improve community access to effective heal information and such efforts target health promotion and protection; however, they also recognize the lofty goals beyond immediate reach of libraries. This relies on effective partnership of libraries with different community institutions as well as the mobilization of various community resources that improve health information. This recognition is essential to exploring a community outreach, which is the purpose of the paper since it sets the stage for establishing appropriate indicators and change processes. Hence, this signals the need for the evaluation of the outreach program to be collaborative since the overall goal of the outreach program is to influence the capacity of an individual, organization or community ineffective utilization of health information resources, in addition to, addressing problem barriers. Thus, community-based approach involves putting outreach into the broad context of social, economic, cultural, structural and political influences on how outreach affects health. ...
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