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Review of Literature Name: Institution: Review of Literature Fairweather & Rogerson (2001) define health information management as the practice of caring and maintaining health records through electronic and conventional (paper-based) methods. Health information management is most notable in health departments, hospitals, health insurance companies, physicians’ office clinics and other facilities, which offer health care or health record maintenance.


This paper will provide a concise review of recent literature on the topic of health information management as it concerns the nursing profession. According to Stansfield (2005) professionals dealing with health information management take charge of planning information systems, developing health policy and recognizing present and future information needs. These professionals also apply the science of informatics to all processes of collection, storage, utilization and transmission of information. The management of health information aims at meeting the professional, administrative, legal and ethical records-keeping demands of health care delivery (Stearns, 2000). In the management of health records, nursing professionals typically work with demographic, reference, epidemiological, clinical and financial coded health care information. Civan, Skeels, Stolyar, & Pratt (2006) suggest that the proper collection, use and management of information in health care systems determine the overall effectiveness of health care systems. ...
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