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Literature Review on Management of Cancer Pain Introduction Pain associated to cancer upsets the lives of huge numbers of patients and their relations. Epidemiologic studies on the occurrence and dominance of cancer, on the prevalence of cancer-linked pain, and on the probability of aggregating the pain intensity on progressing cancer phase shows that cancer pain enhances considerably to the present nationwide problem of cancer.


The involved experiments do not distinguish the relative effectiveness of these two forms given through many methods to patients with minor, moderate, or severe cancer pain. Experiments to relate the effectiveness of NSAIDs against ‘weak’ opioids, that is the opioids normally recommended for slight to moderate pain, expose no change in analgesic effectiveness amid these two types of agents (Goudas, et. al., 2001). In accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of cancer is increasing and expected to be >15 million in 2020. A systematic evaluation of the writings that examined the incidence of pain in diverse disease phases and kinds of cancer throughout the period 1966–2005, revealed no change in pain dominance among patients all through anticancer medication and those in an advanced or incurable stage of the disease. Especially, pain commonness was 64% in patients with metastatic cancer, 59% in patients on anticancer medication and 33% in patients after healing treatment. Latest researches carried out in Italy and in Europe established these statistics, displaying that pain was existent in all stages of cancer disease and was not effectively managed in a substantial proportion of patients. ...
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