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Adverse Trend and Data Management - Assignment Example


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Adverse Trend and Data Management

Some of the adverse trends that require serious attention are issues on bioterrorism, plague, outbreaks, warfare affecting thousands of peoples, and proliferation or increase number of HIV or tuberculosis-infected patients that have all the potential to upscale impacts by its transmission (Henriksen, et al.,2008). Data and information therefore must be documented thoroughly and must be elaborately used for medical responses, pharmacological developments for medications, and further research for medical-policy related responses (Henriksen, et al.,2008). The data and information are also significant for collaborative actions of stakeholders not only for clinical knowledge but also in developing health programs essential to press government for financial support and actions (Henriksen, et al.,2008). Adverse trends also call on health managers to evaluate the expanse of effects, populace, affected, geographic details, the values and variables, the socio-economic profiles of peoples that are subjected to health issues, as well as the financial budget that could be allocated and are needed to effectively deliver the services (Henriksen, et al.,2008). ...
The assessment of the issues affecting healthcare include the evaluation of individual characteristic of an issue, the nature, physical environment, human-system interfaces, organization/social or environmental factors and how these variables are managed (Henriksen, et al.,2008). Data management may also include patient characteristics, task

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factors, individual causes, team factors, team management and of organization’s operational system (Henriksen, et al.,2008). Other experts contend that data must be encompassing of peoples’ discipline, tools and technology, the physical environment, the organizational goals and the care processes Whether these data are quantitative or qualitative, it is hoped that these are free from human errors (Kohn, Corrigan & Donaldson, 2000). The latter may causes trouble in understanding the causes and effects and may likewise affect recommendations (Kohn, et al., 2000). Human errors in the conduct of research and in documenting cases will destroy the explanatory power and may in long run be another cause to blame in the lapse of judgement, especially when patients, being subject to study, are critically situated (Kohn, et al., 2000). Often, human error are cause of blame and such human deficiency or absence of attentiveness (or by ignorance, it can cloud decision-making or diagnostic conclusion (Kohn, et al., 2000). It is therefore essential that data and information are accurate to prevent adverse events that could cause defects in the analysis, conclusion, decision-making and in managing patients in the hospitals (Kohn, et al., 2000). Of course, being part of the oath of medical professional, free prior and informed


Healthcare professionals are often confronted with developing trends that are honestly determinant in health management and in defining responses to issues relative to mortality and morbidity…
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Adverse Trend and Data Management essay example
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