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Ethical Dilemma on Case Manager Name: Institution: Case managers tend to appear uncomfortable with the perception that they can deny services; rather, they presumably facilitate treatment (Primeaux & Pava, 2009). As the complexity of the medical cases continues to increase, case managers in nursing have to manage a team of physicians.


This process involved balancing the needs of the insurer, patients and hospital (Primeaux & Pava, 2009). The managers are expected to have the interests of the patients at heart. The process of resisting the conflict of interests and ensuring proper medical procedures are followed without affecting the morale of nurses is a tough balancing act. Nurses can easily feel offended, demoralized or ignored depending on the skills and effectiveness of a case manager (Ulrich et al, 2010). The increasing pressure in the nursing profession demands that healthcare professionals get acquainted to the growing pressure in the nursing field. Nurses are expected to act morally in difficult medical situations. Nurse Managers are faced with the dilemma of balancing patients’ care and supervisory roles. Management responsibilities and active attention on patients demands that nurses pay special care in multiple aspects within the medical field. The call to extra responsibility has proved to be a dilemma as the medical field continues to suffer from acute shortage of medical personnel (Icheku, 2011). Managing multidisciplinary teams requires specialized training (Toren & Wagner, 2010). ...
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