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psychology life span develpement

These two principals are the real and operation. Real intelligence entails things that are being defined and also inquired the true nature. On the other hand, operational intelligence is computable. There are several theories of intelligence that have been there to try and explain and measure how smart one can be. A majority of intelligence theories have been criticized over time thus causing them to either withstand this criticism or failing to work by lack of basis to substantiate their viability over time. The different types of intelligent theories that exist contradict with each other or with at least one earlier theory. This is evident in the sense that they tend to own different assumption and perspective when it comes to each thinking approach. The first theory of intelligence is the Faculty theory. This theory has been listed as the oldest in terms of its nature of intelligence. In addition, this theory flourished in the 18th and 19th century (Tugoy, 2003). This theory reasons that mind is made up of diverse faculties which are memory, imagination, reasoning, and discrimination. Despite the fact that this faculties are independent of each other, with vigorous training this faculties can or may develop. However this theory has been under pressure of criticism by psychologists who object that the brain has independent faculties. ...
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Theories of Defining Intelligence Course: University: Tutor: Date: The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge is referred to as intelligence. Over the past years there have been many debates and disagreement regarding the factual constitutes of intelligence…
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