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Admission Essay example - Mental health care has not achieved the needs of minority ethnic kids today and the problems they face accessing healthcare.

Admission Essay
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Due to the fact that even a cursory level of understanding with regards to the way in which culture and society impact upon mental health, one can begin to realize that these two are in fact inseparable…

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For purposes of this particular application essay, a discussion of how mental health care has not achieved the needs of minority and/or ethnic children will be analyzed. Although there are many means by which healthcare and mental health care can be promoted, this particular analysis will focus upon maximizing the level of cultural appreciation and sensitivity that the healthcare provider can exhibit in each and every situation they encounter. Moreover, by analyzing this particular topic, it is the hope of this author that the reader will be able to integrate with an understanding of the personal and professional goals that are reflected via this particular sub topic. Though it may be understood that cultural sensitivity and awareness is merely a fashionable buzzword, the reality of the fact is that in increasingly globalized world, the need for cultural sensitivity and appreciation is greater than it has ever been before. In simpler times, it might be understood and appreciated by the nursing professional that most patients ascribe to something of a given societal and/or cultural norm. However, as a result of the fact that increasing numbers of individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and/or cultures make up a more and more important and populous components of current society, a focus upon this factor is increasingly demanded. ...
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