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Communication (Name of the Student) Communication In a social situation, do I prefer to talk to others or do I prefer to listen? I prefer to be a listener. I admit, I do not possess the gift of the gab and I lack spontaneity. Some people have the ability to say something interesting instantaneously, but I need time to recollect and answer the question.


In a group situation, I will listen mostly and will intervene only when someone is providing misinformation. When I know that the person with whom I am conversing is more knowledgeable, I prefer to listen and will not like to give suggestions, unless specifically asked to do so. Do I ?nd it necessary to use many descriptive terms when speaking, or do I prefer short, succinct sentences? I prefer to use short sentences. Being a listener by nature, in my style of conversation ears will be better engaged than the tongue. In my replies I prefer to be crisp, may not be witty, but I will answer to the point, nothing more, nothing less. Time is precious and I will not like to waste the time with whom I am conversing, nor like to allow him to waste my time. I will not sermonise on a topic on which I do know much about. I like to be brief. Do I prefer cause-and-effect situations as opposed to creative, ambiguous dilemmas? I do prefer cause and effect situations and I do not like dilemmas or confusion. While conversing, I have in the back of my mind invariably that I need to concentrate on the essence of the issue, and not talk in a roundabout way. When I say something and answer about a particular issue, it must be based on reasoned premises. ...
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