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Self-Reflective Practicum Journal Name: Mentor Group: Agency Date Clinical Hours and Running total of clinical hours Brief summary of activity Objectives and evidence of accomplishment Numbers and Reflective learning 06/07/2013 2 hrs. RT = 10 hrs. Met with mentor to discuss and finalize research area and bibliography on diabetes mellitus Meeting with mentor was vital, both in terms of deciding the topic of research as well as getting acquainted with the best way achieving the objectives.


Selected 15 academic journals on diabetes mellitus covering 5 main areas: pathophysiology, classification, and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus; acute and chronic complications of the patient diagnosed with diabetes mellitus; oral pharmacotherapy and insulin therapy; the non-pharmacological therapies associated with diabetes mellitus, including activity, risk reduction, and problem solving/coping; and nutrition and other lifestyle behaviors essential to management of diabetes mellitus 06/24/2013 7 hrs RT = 25 hours Completed literature review on diabetes mellitus Objective 1a: A literature review of 15 academic journal articles on diabetes mellitus was completed. The literature review was hugely enlightening and gave critical insight into the myriad aspects of the disease. ...
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