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Public Health International Perspectives Name Institution Professor Date The distinctions between curative and preventive medicine began at the beginning of AD as captured in a number of Greek mythologies. The emergence of general health threats to the community resulted into the creation of the community health area in major republics across the world.


The foundation of public health as advanced by the Canadian government and societies agitate for a healthy society and its people; under the Ottawa charter for health promotion, health promotion is defined as the continuous effort to achieve health for the society. This effort supersedes the basic desires of making health information available to the public, and involves the empowerment of citizens to control their health and to work towards improving their health. In the promotion of public health, the Canadian government has ensured continuous focus on the entire population and sub-populations that may share health problem or concerns. This is based under the ‘population of interest’ and the ‘population at risk’ policy (Taske et al, 2005). In the implementation of the public health promotion program, the Canadian government has established bodies that conduct annual and regular assessments of the health status of the entire population. This is carried out through a community health assessment process facilitated by community health organizations and workers. Public health also has major determinants that must consider in any program that seeks to promote and raise the standards of public health. ...
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