The difficult one: caring for patients with dementia( health and ageing)

The difficult one: caring for patients with dementia( health and ageing) Essay example
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Health and Aging Name Course/ course number: AP/ADMS 3740L- Health and Ageing Tutor’s Name Date Date: 24th July, 2013 The Difficult Ones: Caring for Patients with Dementia Introduction David & James (1999) define dementia as the loss of an individual’s ability to take care of him or herself, a condition that is associated with problems in recognizing familiar surroundings and people.


Nonetheless, these people need support and care. Therefore, families and caregivers will have to assume the responsibility of caring for patients with dementia. With the increasing number of the aging in our population, learning to provide the best possible care for dementia patients is essential. This paper will emphatically address the difficulties facing patients with dementia and its significance, the challenges that many families and care givers encounters in caring for patients with dementia and how these challenges could be minimized. Moreover, it will include a written proposal addressing these perspectives using healthy people 2020 objectives. Of importance to this paper are the course concepts; caregivers and families, quality of life, and coordinate care. Also, my insights and personal reflection from researching of literature reviews will not be omitted. Significant of dementia Ten years ago, an estimated seven million seniors required long-term care for sundry medical conditions (Quinn, Johnson, Andress, and McGinnis, 2003). Among them, it is estimated ten to fifteen percent of people over age sixty-five suffer from some level of dementia, with six percent being severely affected (Bar-Haim Eres & Katz, 2003). ...
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