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Respiratory Failure

It is important to note that respiratory failure occurs when the ability to take up oxygen or eliminate carbon dioxide is largely impaired. The cessation of these active processes indicates the severity of the patient’s condition, which results in mechanical interventions to sustain life (Hu et al, 2009). The use of medical interventions such as mechanical ventilation is subject to debate based on the ethical nature of the application. Opponents and proponents alike present heavy and valid arguments to oppose or support their position. With this in mind, this paper seeks to explore various aspects of respiratory failure include pathophysiological changes in the affected organs. Moreover, the paper explores ethical issues surrounding the use of mechanical intervention to restore respiratory functions to the affected patient. As already established, respiratory failure occurs following the incapacitation of one or both of the gas-exchanging processes; that is oxygenation of venous blood and/or removal of carbon dioxide. Respiratory failure may be acute or chronic where the clinical presentation of each is different. Acute respiratory failure is usually characterised by life-threatening levels in blood gases resulting imbalanced acid-base status while chronic respiratory failure is more passive and bears unapparent clinical manifestations. ...
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Respiratory Failure Name University Course Date Respiratory Failure Medical Conditions Introduction While it is not a disease per se, respiratory failure occurs as a result of a myriad of other health condition that interferes with the normal capacity to breathe…
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