Elderly Patients and Malnutrition

Elderly Patients and Malnutrition Dissertation example
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Elderly Patients and Malnutrition The overwhelming cases of malnutrition in the UK have led the government and health care professionals to dedicate serious efforts to alleviate the prevalence and risk especially among the elderly. Several proposals have been made in the current literature to stop malnutrition, particularly in the hospital setting.


However, evidence-based research conducted in hospitals for the elderly is scant. Therefore, this paper relies on research on malnutrition management for the elderly in different settings in order to recommend the best nursing practices that can be applied in the hospital setting. Based on research findings, the current paper concludes with recommendations, hence contributing to the vast literature on the malnutrition issue and proposing government actions to fight malnutrition in the UK. Background of the study Malnutrition among the elderly has been noted since the early 90s (Stratton, Green and Elia 2003). In the report, the authors identified the prevalence and risks associated with malnutrition, targeting elderly patients in hospitals and home care settings. Moreover, the further increase of the elderly population in the next few years is bound to worsen the situation . In 2001, BBC reported that one in seven British elderly is malnourished . ...
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