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Community Outreach Program Valanie Lezama Mercy College Introduction A community outreach program was initiated by Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, New York targeting to assist its population of about 600000 people. The hospital intends to create a medical awareness campaign that will facilitate the provision of medical services to patients who normally do not have the ability to visit the hospital.


Coney Island Hospital is committed to providing quality care with compassion and dignity to all patients in the community by offering accessible, efficient and cost effective services. The outreach program will provide sugar and blood pressure checks, a basic eyes nose and throat checkup and measuring the respiration of the patients. This program if successfully implemented could make Cohen Island Hospital be identified as a leader in provision of health services and thus receive more funds from the government due to good services. Community Outreach Program Methods to Reach Targeted Populace There are various avenues available to Coney Island Hospital in its effort to ensure that this program is accessible to all members of the community. The program will require its medical providers to alter their regular treatment schedules in the hospital to go conduct door to door health checks in patients’ home. The providers will begin in areas with low-income people as they are the ones most likely to be affected by diseases due to their inability to afford medical care (Walraven, 2012). ...
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