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Alternatively, there are anti-hypertensive’s drugs to normalize blood pressure levels. It’s very important for individuals to go for a regular medical check up to avoid damage of blood vessels by hypertension. Hypertension Introduction Hypertension, also referred to as high blood pressure has affected a majority of individuals across the globe. It is the principal cause of kidney and cardiovascular diseases and in combination with diabetes; it has been associated with more than half of all deaths in the world (Hypertension often ignored, 1997). Despite its severity and prevalence, if left untreated, high blood pressure is a disease that is extremely unpredictable. Of those suffering hypertension, it is only seventy percent (70%) who are aware of their condition. Accordingly, 59% seeks treatment and 34% have been perceived to have the condition under some control. The major problem being experienced is that, hypertension’s specific linking factors to heart and kidney diseases are not fully discovered. Hypertension has no clearly defined symptoms, which makes many people to continue leading risky lifestyles even after developing the condition. It can only be detected when it has damaged the blood vessels to the extent of producing devastating symptoms. ...Show more


Hypertension Institution’s name: Date: Abstract Hypertension is also referred to as high blood pressure. The condition has no symptoms and the major concern is that individuals who are having it remain unaware until the damage has occurred to the blood vessels…
Author : rosenbaumkendri
Hypertension essay example
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