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Admission/Application Essay example - Education

Admission/Application Essay
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Impact of Sociological Theories on Education Name of student: Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Introduction Sociologists have different views regarding the purpose of social institutions such as education in a social system. Sociologists and educators thus often argue about the purpose of education in society and their views can be explained using three main theories; namely functionalism theory, conflict theory, and the symbolic interaction theory…

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The social institutions thus work together unconsciously towards achievement of social equilibrium. The conflict theory based on the ideas of Karl Marx on the other hand, argue that the society is comprised of different groups and interests competing for power and resources resulting in inequalities between classes and class struggles in an attempt to maintain balance. In any social institution such as education, there exist two classes of people who are often in conflict such as the students and teachers. The symbolic interaction theory is based on the ideas of Max Weber and George Mead and it studies human actions rather than social systems. The thus believe that humans shape their social world rather than be shaped by it hence life is like role-playing in a theatre. Its focus according to Johnson (2008) is on observable interactions and not structural relationships that involve social institutions. ...
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