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Stem Cell Research - Essay Example

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Stem cell research provides potential cures for some incurable diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis among others. The damage caused by this diseases and conditions is normally irreversible to the affected cells or organs. Stems cells can be used to induce repair or replacement of diseased or damaged cells thus effectively restoring the functions of previously damaged organs. This way numerous nervous system diseases that are as a result of loss of nerve cells can also be treated. Stem cells also provide potential cure to birth defects, by attempting to correct cellular errors that happened before birth thus clearing the defects. The stem cells are introduced to the affected organ in a bid to induce repair or regeneration. With stem cell research, the effects of drugs and medicine can be tested on particular populations of cells thus eliminating the use of animals and human testers. This involves simulating the effects of a drug on the targeted cell line to establish any adverse effects. Stem cell research provides an opportunity to make cells and tissues for use in medical therapy. Tissues and organs can be grown in laboratories from stem cells for use in transplants since the number organ transplant needs exceeds the number of organs available transplantation. This could also help in future transplants as the patient receives a tissue or organ from own cell line, thus there are no chances of rejection during transplantation (Pillai). The study of stem cells could help scientists understand the normal process cell development and establish how medical conditions such as cancer and birth defects come to be, and how they can be corrected. An extensive understanding of cellular development through stem cell research will grant prevention and treatment of abnormal human developments. Stem cell research has led to discovery of treatments that can help in slowing the aging process and my hold the key to reversing the effects of aging, thus prolonging human life. As one’s stem cells age, they are no longer able to regenerate effectively as before but anti-aging products borne from stem cells, seeks out the aging stems cells in the skin, regenerating them (Anti-Aging Stem Cell Research). However, ethical issues crop up as to how and where the stem cells are obtained and the price that is paid to achieve objectives of stem cell research. To obtain embryonic stem cells, blastocysts that are generated by fertilizing human eggs in the laboratory are destroyed. For persons who share the belief that life begin at conception, the act is equivocal destroying human life which is unacceptable (Pillai). Financial challenges bear a significant role in research involving stem cells, in the form of purchases made in regard to buying equipment meant for use in the research (Connor). Funding this research involves investing heavily in a world that is already financially constrained. Just like any other filed in medicine, the issue of commercialization has caused debate on a wide scale. Financial challenges in this case are brought out in the form of ethical issues. For example, introducing commerce in stem cell research makes stem cell tissues and embryos into tradable goods and commodities. in addition, researchers could have commercial ...Show more
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Stem Cell Research Stem cells are unspecialized cells that carry the capacity to develop into highly specialized cells to form tissues and organs. Stem cells are capable of renewing themselves through cell division thus, can be used to repair and replenishing worn out or damaged organs…
Stem Cell Research
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Stem Cell Research
The pluripotent stem cells also referred as embryonic cells have the ability to differentiate into every cell of the body while the multipotent (adult) stem cells can only differentiate into multiple cells but not all cell lineages in the body. Research on stem cells spans a broad range of scientific and medical fields.
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Stem Cell Research
It is interesting to note that both adults and embryos have stem cells. However, the research of adult stem cells is not what has caused so much furor in the academic and socio-religious circles. The controversy is regarding embryonic stem cells and the research thereon.
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Stem Cell Research
Currently, no research on human embryos can be supported with federal funds because of the controversial origins of these cells (Gerald D. Fischbach, 2004). The root of the argument lies around embryonic stem cells, which enable research that may support the development of medical treatments, but requires the destruction of an embryo to derive.
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Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research The issue of ethics has not only crept in our daily lives but has also entered technical aspects of life such as health and medicine. The controversies revolving stem cell research date back to the discovery of stem cells in the late twentieth century.
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Stem Cell Research
Stem cell research seeks to develop stem cells to regenerate cells for nonfunctional organs and tissues. Research in stem cell has begun long time ago but has gained popularity recently due to increased scrutiny from the public especially religious organizations.
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Stem Cell Research Legislation
Right after the scientific community discovered potential advantages of stem cell research, there was an effort made to ask funding from the government. However, from the past stem cell research received rejection from the Federal Government and one indication of it was withholding of financial support from the state (US Congress, 2011, p.8665).
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Stem Cell Research - Stem cell research
Science and technology has developed so much that in the recent years scientists hope to use these cells to develop new tissues, treatments and potentially even organs for transplanting into a patient. First and foremost argument made by the scientific community is that human stem cell research is said to promise new life changing treatments and possible cures for many devastating diseases and injuries, such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, burns and spinal cord injuries (Young 2-16).
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Stem Cell Research
Much like its close cousin, human cloning, stem cell research attempts to breach the treacherous chasm between what is scientifically possible and what is culturally allowable. While the need to maintain a moral and ethical balance in any research is always a
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Stem Cell Research Legislation
strate the potential benefits of using stem cells to better the human condition, thus the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee voted in favor of a bill designed to end President George H.W. Bush’s federal funding ban involving experiments allowing tissue transplantation
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Stem Cell Research
In the treatment of neurological diseases, I would have to side with those who think stem cell research is beneficial to man because, ultimately, I support a practice that could improve the life of
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