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Bipolar Disorder - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Course Date BipolarDisorder The term Bipolar Disorder or in other words, Manic-Depression Illness (MDI) is quite common these days. It has been diagnosed in teens and adults. But what exactly is Bipolar Disorder. It can be termed as a phase in which a person can have different mood swings…
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Bipolar Disorder
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Bipolar Disorder

Also throwing tantrums, high level of restlessness and hyperactivity is seen but the worst part is that at times people facing Bipolar Disorder tend to do harmful things to themselves or others around them. This can be quite straining and affects their families too. Over 10 million people in America have bipolar disorder, and the illness affects men and women equally (Duckworth). The worst scenario is when the person goes through a mixed state. During a mixed state depressed mood accompanies manic activation(Ken Duckworth, MD, 2006).In this state a person might feel a rush to do different things. From driving rashly, smoking up, this eventually leads to Suicide. From using drugs to cutting themselves, they try to relieve the symptoms of stress, pain, anxiety etc. They also lose understanding of what is happening in their surroundings and stay confused a lot. Insecurity usually kicks in and they put themselves in isolation to protect themselves. Danielle Steel states in her writing recognized as His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina, states a complete narrative regarding the way her son spends his life while he was experiencing bipolar disorder. In the narrative she informs that during the age of adolescence, her son suffered from ADD even recognized as Attention Deficit Disorder. She even states that when an individual suffer from this disorder, individual tends to loose control over his/her impulse and indulge in activities that have negative consequences. Her son was later during his life was diagnosed with the disorder of bipolar and the symptoms exhibited by him were recognized as Manic Depressive symptoms (Ryan). Bipolar disorder is usually found in people from the age group of 15-25 and it usually occurs in families who have a history of bipolar disorder. There are three different types of bipolar disorder. Type 1, (Major Depression), a state in which a person is sad, uneasy and angry. Type 2, in which people experience various periods of high energy which is not as extreme as mania (called hypomania). These periods alternate with episodes of depression. Lastly Type 3 (Cyclothymia) involves less severe mood swings. In this people’s behavior vary between hypomania and mild depression. (A.D.A.M, Medical Encyclopedia). The cause of Bipolar disorder varies from person to person. The major reason is that it might be due to the disorder already being in the genes of the families.But it is not necessary that someone born in a family, who has showed signs of this disease, would end up having it. Normally the case is due to being in an environment where there is a lot of negativity, problems or stress, would interact with the underlying genetic or biological vulnerability to produce the disorder. (Duckworth). But it’s not necessary that these might be the only things which might trigger the disorder. Smith and Segal have figured out that the episodes experienced by individuals suffering from bipolar disorder are triggered due to usage of antidepressants as a medication for depression, these trigger may even lead an individual to suffer from continuous changes in mood, lack of sleep and mania. The triggers can increase the level of symptoms that already exist or result in new sessions of mania. But it is not necessary that episodes experienced due to bipolar disorder are dependant on triggers (Smith&Segal). Though many people are diagnosed with this ... Read More
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Life with Bipolar Disorder
In a manic episode, a person experiences elevated energy levels, cognitive processing, and mood. Though it is not necessary for the diagnosis of bipolar disorder, the presence of depressive episodes are also common. Sometimes an episode may display traits of both mania and depression.
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Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorders and other types of mood disorders are characterized by an occurrence of a mood that might be strange or atypical in certain situations or circumstances. This paper discusses the basic distinctive description of this illness. It describes how a person suffering from such a disorder might act around the family, friends, and society.
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Bipolar Disorder
When an individual suffers from bipolar disorder, they experience changes in their mood that can be either short and abrupt, happening without warning, or else can last for weeks at a time. Believed to be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, bipolar disorder affects the way that an individual feels and acts, often despite the experiences that they are going through in life.
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Bipolar Disorder
From the above study thus, it can be concluded that the severity of the bipolar disorder depends of the type of the disorder affecting an individual. While the symptoms, diagnosis and the treatments are similar to great extents in case of bipolar I and bipolar II, yet the effects of the type II disorder have proved to be milder.
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Bipolar disorder
Knowing that we are not mentally disordered Mental disorders manifests in people’s behavior and have specific symptoms. The signs are however numerous and diversified from one type of disorder to another and their total absence indicates that a person is not mentally disordered.
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Bipolar Disorder
According to National Institute of Mental Health (n.d.), nearly 5.1 American adults suffer from bipolar disorder and every year, approximately 2.6 per cent of the total population of the US aged at least 18 years suffers from bipolar disorder. While some of the patients remain determined and seek medical and therapeutic help, others do not remain so composed and many of them even commit suicide because of the depression caused by bipolar disorder and its other negative impacts on their everyday life.
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The paper explores the classification of bipolar and the diagnostic criteria according to DSM V. In addition, it analyzes the different empirically proven therapeutic methods for bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorder Introduction Bipolar disorder (maniac depressive disorder) is a psychiatric disorder that is accompanied by spontaneous mood swings that can involve outbreaks of depression and others of high mania (Godwin & Jamison, 2007).
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However, today we are witnessing a dramatic shift in the definition of these problems and where and how they should be dealt with. Although public understanding of this issue is unfortunately still at an early stage, much has changed over the course of
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Mania symptoms are characterized by excessive display of a specific kind of feeling or emotion like excessive excitement, happiness, restlessness, irritability, agility, sex drive, euphoria, poor judgment,
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Neuroimaging techniques have somehow proven that the tendency to develop bipolar disorder can be predicted even in childhood. Moreover, bipolar disorder is also suspected as a multi-systemic inflammatory disease that may actually trigger the same pathways as cardiovascular
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